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If you are looking for a hostel in Singapore which is quite near to the MRT station and close to the city area as well then SkyOrchid’s is a best choice. This hostel is just a minute away from Al Junied MRT. If you are coming from Changi Airport, Al Junied is probably 6th MRT stop so it is quite close the airport as well. This hostel is located near Kallang area which is famous for the food shops, bars and Chinese restaurants.

This hostel is quite affordable as well as you will find a room under $25 Singapore Dollar. Aside from this you will find availability of rooms most of the time. There are so many free services available like Free Internet access and free breakfast. You can also avail laundry at affordable price. In terms of cleanness this hostel is not too good and not too bad. If you consider that you are traveler and you are not going to stay 24 hours in a room and most of the time you will be outside and you need a place near to the MRT and close to the city area then this is the best choice.

You can make a booking from hostel world web site http://www.hostelworld.com

The contact information for the hostel is:

Email: book@skyorchids.com
Mobile:   (65)91009123  
Land Phone:   (65)67478211 
Current Address: 96A Lor 27 Geylang Singapore.
Located Right Next to Aljunied MRT Station
Website: http://www.skyorchids.com


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Holland Village is one of the famous hang out place in Singapore. It is famous for foods and pubs. You will find variety of restaurants including Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, eastern & Middle Eastern. Apart from the restaurants you will find lots of pub as well. There are also confessionary shops, shopping marts, money changer & medical shops.

Holland Village is near to Bouna Vista MRT. The MRT is on the green line and it is close to Queenstown. You need to walk approximately 10 minutes to reach Holland Village. Holland Village will have own MRT station by the same name in 2010.

Many food chains in Singapore, such as Crystal Jade, BreadTalk, The Coffee Bean, Burger King, Subway, Indochine and Häagen-Dazs, are located in Holland Village. Also you will find 24 hours Swensens restaurant. You will also find food court which sells Chinese, Malay and western dishes. Also you will find spicy Thai restaurant “Thai Express”. You will also find several dessert, Western cuisine and Japanese cuisine outlets. There are also couples of middle eastern and Indian restaurants. The gentrification of the Holland V area is characterized by the more up-market dining options such as the numerous ethnic restaurants as well as franchises such as Marmalade Pantry and Tapas Bar. Other prominent bars include Tango’s, Baden and Harry’s Bar. However, Wala Wala remains the grand dame of the bars along the Lorong Mambong stretch.

You will also find 24 hour supermarket by the name of Cold Storage. You can find world class brand including Australian, European, USA and others in the Cold Storage. In the same lane of Cold Storage you will find Guardian Pharmacy & Watson. There is also Seven Eleven (7-Eleven) in Holland Village. Aside from this there is also photo processing shop by the name of Photo Finish. There are two shopping centers in Holland Village, Holland Road Shopping Centre and Holland V Shopping Mall.

Although there are a number of car parks in and around Holland Village, parking still remains a problem during peak hours. The car parks in Holland Village have increased with a new two storey car park near the back of the Cold Storage supermarket.

You will also find couple of banks and ATMs in Holland Village area including OCBC, DBS and others. There is also a shop near Burger King. You can find second hand clothing (t-shirts, shorts etc) from various brands at cheap price. Also there is a mosque located near the Holland Village. Holland Village is also linked with the couple of bus stations so you can continue your journey to other locations. The few places near to Holland Village are:

Haw Par Villa (You can take bus 200 in front of Block 10A stop)

HortPark (Bus No. 61: Board at Opposite Holland Village 11419, Holland Road. Alight at After Gillman Heights Condominium, Alexandra Road, 9 stops later.)

Vivocity & Harbour Front Shopping Centre (Bus No. 61: Board at Opposite Holland Village 11419, Holland Road. Alight at Opposite Vivocity, Telok Blangah Road, 18 stops later.)

Orchard Road (Bus No. 7: Board at Opposite Cold Storage Jelita 11299, Holland Road. Alight at Midpoint Orchard, Orchard Road, 15 stops later)

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If you want to stay in a hostel which is quite nice, clean and affordable then Sentosa view is a nice option. This hostel is located in spottiswood park road. It is close to Outram park MRT & Tanjan pagar MRT. Lots of food courts and shopping markets nearby. Also the hostel is near to the city area.

You can find two kind of rooms in this hostel. A room with six beds and without bahtroom so you have to use the common bathroom which is outside (there are two common washroom). Another room with six beds but the washroom is inside the room (attach washroom). A room will cost you between $20 – $35 Singapore dollar. It depends on the season as well. You can make a booking through http://www.hostelworld.com web site.

There are so many free facilities availalbe in the hostel which includes:

  • Free access to internet. There are also two computer available for traveller withou laptop
  • Free breakfast
  • They do have water boiler and microwave oven
  • Laundry will cost you less then $5 Singapore dollar
  • Also they have TV channel and some dvds if you are bored

If you are planning to extend your stay in the hostel then make sure to book in advance through the hostel booking web site else you might find that there is no room available later. It’s quite funny but sometimes they prefer the online booking.

The attendant at the hostel is also a nice guy who can speak good english. Dont’ mix the name of the hostel with the Sentosa Island.

I will highly recommend this hostel to the traveller as it is nice and same time cheap as well.

The hostel do have a web site: http://sentosaview.com

Map of the hostel

Spots near to the Hostel

Vivocity – Singapore’s Largest Shopping Centre- http://www.vivocity.com.sg
5 minutes bus ride to Vivocity Singapore from downstairs bus stop

Sentosa Island – Singapore’s Island Resort- http://www.sentosa.com.sg
5 minutes Train Ride from Vivocity ( buy tickets from top floor of Vivocity and take a train to Sentosa Island

St James Power Station – Singapore’s Top rated Hotspot – http://www.stjamespowerstation.com
3 Sentosa Gateway, 5 minutes bus/taxi ride from downstairs nearby bus stop

Mount Faber – Take a Cable Car and have a spectacular view of Singapore – http://www.mountfaber.com.sg
2 minutes walk from Vivocity ( buy tickets and take a cable car ride to Mount Faber from Harbourfront Tower 2 )

Boat Quay – Most visited Night Spot in Singapore- http://www.visitsingapore.com/publish/stbportal/en/home/what_to_see/singapore_river/boat_quay.html
5 minutes Train Ride from Tanjong Pagar MRT station near us ( 1 stop to Raffles Place MRT Station )

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay-one of the world’s busiest arts centres- http://www.esplanade.com
7 minutes bus/taxi ride from downstairs nearby bus stop

Merlion Park- where Singapore’s Mythical Creature lives- http://www.visitsingapore.com/publish/stbportal/en/home/what_to_see/landmarks_and_memorials/merlion_park.html
7 minutes bus/taxi ride from downstairs nearby bus stop

Singapore Flyer- http://www.singaporeflyer.com/
15/10 minutes bus/taxi ride from downstairs nearby bus stop

Contact Information for the Sentosa View Hostel

Email: book@sentosaview.com
Mobile:   (65)91009123  
Land Phone:   (65)65198481  
Current Address: 105 Spottiswoode Park Road #23-130B
Website: http://www.sentosaview.com

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When I first visit the site, I liked it. I also showed the site to couple of friends and they liked it as well. Viewzi: http://www.viewzi.com

It’s not actually a search engine. They use search results from different sources and present the results in different views. It’s very simple!

  1. Search for keyword
  2. Select the view
  3. See the results

In contrast to Google & Yahoo, this site will display the results in multiple formats. At the moment there are 18 different views. Few of them are:

Celebrity Photo View
Web Screenshot View (Good for web designer & graphic designer)
Simple text view (same as Google/Yahoo but with site snap on mouse over)
Power Grid View
Google timeline view (the date/time the article/site was published/modified)
Video x3 view (videos from YouTube, blinkx and Veoh along with tagging)
Site information view (Good for search engine optimization & statistics)
Photo tag cloud (one of my favorite: tag cloud in 3D environment)
Photo view (photos from Flickr, Smugmug)
4 Sources views (Yahoo, Google, Ask, MSN)
Viewzi news view (News sources: CNN, The New York Times, REUTERS, USA Today, Yahoo)
Weather view (Results from: Yahoo News, weather.com, AccuWeather.com, Sunlight Labs)
Amazon book view
Everyday shopping view (Results from: eBay, Target, amazon.com, WalMart)
Album view
Recipe view (Results from: Simple Recipes, 101 Cookbooks, myrecepies, Epicurious)
Song view (You can listen to the audio/songs as well)
TechChrunch view

The web site use Flash so make sure you have Flash installed on your machine.

I believe this is another revolution as the future of the web will be all about views and how you present the information.

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I will keep on adding the useful telephone numbers of Singapore.

Emergency Numbers

Police    999
Fire    995
Ambulance (Emergency Only)    995
Non Emergency Ambulance    1777
Marine Accident    6325 2488

Credit Card Emergency Assistance

American Express (Office Hrs)    6299 8133
American Express (After Office Hrs)    6294 3113
Diners Club    6416 0900
Master Card    800 110 0113
VISA    800 448 1250

Tourist Information

Singapore Tourism Board Information Service    1800 736 2000

Information Services

Tuas and Woodlands checkpoint traffic information    6863 0117
Changi Airport Flight    1800 542 4422
Weather and Tide    6542 7788
Time    1711
Postal Code Enquiry    1800 842 7678
Postal Enquiry (General)    1605
Currency Exchange Rates (DBS Bank-Voice Prompt)    1800 111 1111
LTA (Land Transport Authority)    1800 225 5582

Vehicle Breakdown & Towing Service

EMAS (For Expressways only)    1800 225 5582
Automobile Association of Singapore (For AAS members only)    6748 9911

Transport Services: Taxis

Comfort & Yellow Top Cab (6552 1111)
City Cab (6552 2222)
Prime (6778 0808)
Silver Cab (6363 6888)
Smart Cab (6485 7777)
SMRT Taxis (6555 8888)
Trans Cab (6555 3333)

Transport Services: Buses

SBS General Info, Feedback & Complaints    1800 287 2727
SBS Lost & Found    6383 7211
SMRT General Inquiry    1800 336 8900

Transport Services: Trains

MRT (North South Line & East West Line)    1800 336 8900
MRT (North East Line)    1800 287 2727
Bukit Panjang LRT    1800 336 8900
Punggol & Sengkang LRT    1800 287 2727
KTM Berhad (Malayan Railway)    6222 5165

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Moving around in Singapore is quite easy. An economical way is to travel by MRT or Bus. Off course you can hire taxi as well but you will often pay a lot of surcharges which will include peak time traveling, ERP etc. There are so many ERP gates in Singapore.

Traveling by MRT

There are three major MRT lines in Singapore.

1. North-South Line (NS, Red line, End Stations: Jurong East, Marina Bay)

2. East-West Line (EW, Green line, End Station: Paris Ris, Boon Lay)

3. North-East Line (NE, Purple line, End Station: Harbour Front, Punggol)

Traveling by MRT is quite easy and convenient.

If you are a tourist and just move around for a day, you can buy Singapore $ 10 card from MRT station. This card will entitle you for the unlimited ride for the same day.

If you want to stay longer in Singapore, you can buy ezlink card. You can use ezlink card to pay on MRT and Bus. You can purchase ezlink card on MRT station, Seven Eleven or any nearest shop. Just ask for the ezlink card. It will cost you Singapore $ 15 and it comes with Singapore $ 7 balance. You will need this card to enter through the gate when you are inside any MRT station. After that you can move to the platform where you can get into the MRT. You can follow the sign boards and the direction maps along with the platform. You can also load the card from the station or Seven Eleven. Try to load the card on weekdays to avoid long queues on the weekend.

You can also switch to different lines at designated stations. For example if you are traveling from Queenstown station (Green Line) and you want to go to Orchard (Green line), you can change the line at the City Hall station and get into the Red Line which will take you to the Orchard MRT.

You will also find most of the shopping centers and tourist places nearby MRT stations. For example:

Vivo city and sentosa island are near Harbour Front MRT (Purple Line)

Holland village is near Buona Vista MRT (Green Line)

Boutinica Garden, Lucky Plaza and Tangs are near Orchard MRT (Red Line)

Bugis street is near Bugis Station (Green Line)

The MRT works till 12 am.

For more information:

Singapore MRT Map

Train Timings

Fair Calculation

Traveling by Bus

Traveling by BUS (SMRT) is another convinent and affordable way to move around. I personaly use gothere.sg web site to find th direction and it provides me with the following useful information:

The location where I can take the Bus
The Bus number
Total duration from source to destination

I simply provide source and destination information and the web site will calculate the rest. I also used to access the site from mobile when I am out.

You can use the same ezlink card while you are traveling by Bus. Aside from ezlink card you can use coins as well. Remember that you can not use notes on the Bus.

Also I used to combine Bus and MRT sometimes and found it quite useful.

Traveling by Taxi

Well, I personaly found that traveling by taxi is not useful if you are within the city area. MRT is quite fast and accessible. There are couple of taxi services available in Singapore. Traveling by taxi will end up in a fair which will contain a lot of surchages (peak time charges, ERP charges etc). You can also book the taxi but again it will cost you some extra $$.

Below are the taxi services and thier booking numbers;

Comfort & Yellow Top Cab (6552 1111)
City Cab (6552 2222)
Prime (6778 0808)
Silver Cab (6363 6888)
Smart Cab (6485 7777)
SMRT Taxis (6555 8888)
Trans Cab (6555 3333)

Aside from paying by Cash, you can also use your credit card to pay the taxi fair but they will charge you some extra $$.

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Haw Par Villa Singapore Enterance

Haw Par Villa Singapore Entrance

Haw Par Villa, formerly known as Tiger Balm Gardens is must see place in Singapore. We took a bus from Holland Drive (the bus number 200) and it took approximately 25 minutes to reach there. A good site to get traveling direction in Singapore is gothere.sg. This site is also accessible by cell phone. It will give direction by Bus/Bus & MRT.

The park contains many statues and giant dioramas depicting scenes from Chinese folklore, legends, history, and illustrating various aspects of Confucianism. These include The Laughing Buddha, The Goddess of Mercy, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and most famously The Ten Courts of Hell, a depiction of a gruesome underworld of tortures and torments set in the mouth of a 60-meter-long dragon. The crazy statues, daily life illustration and the scene are worth seeing.

The park, originally called “Tiger Balm Gardens”, was constructed in 1937 by the brothers Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par, the developers of Tiger Balm, as a venue for teaching traditional Chinese values. The Gardens were later sold to the Singapore Tourism Board in 1979. There are also statue of lions that you can see on Tiger Balm as well.

There is a pond as well and you will see a lot of turtles and fish. It is a good spot, to take pictures and to move around and observe the place.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 7 pm (daily)

Admission: Free

Approx touring time: 1 – 2 hours & 3 – 4 hours (if you are taking a lot of pictures :))

Location: 262 Pasir Panjang Road Singapore 118628

Food Shops: Available

Getting there: Take SBS Transit bus 200 from Buona Vista MRT Station (EW21), SBS Transit bus 10, 30, SMRT Bus 188 from Harbour Front Centre, SBS Transit bus 143 from Orchard Road, SBS Transit bus 51 from Chinatown or SBS Transit bus 175 from Clementi MRT Stn/Temporary Bus Interchange.

Haw Par Villa 10th court of hell

10th court of hell

Haw Par Villa White Woman

A wise Woman

Haw Par Villa Buddha

I am Buddha

Haw Par Villa - Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

Confusious @ Hall Par Villa

Confucius @ the genius

har par villa two woman and a man


Haw Par Villa Statue

Red Indian!

Titanic @ Haw Par Villa

Titanic Sinking!


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