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If you want to stay in a hostel which is quite nice, clean and affordable then Sentosa view is a nice option. This hostel is located in spottiswood park road. It is close to Outram park MRT & Tanjan pagar MRT. Lots of food courts and shopping markets nearby. Also the hostel is near to the city area.

You can find two kind of rooms in this hostel. A room with six beds and without bahtroom so you have to use the common bathroom which is outside (there are two common washroom). Another room with six beds but the washroom is inside the room (attach washroom). A room will cost you between $20 – $35 Singapore dollar. It depends on the season as well. You can make a booking through http://www.hostelworld.com web site.

There are so many free facilities availalbe in the hostel which includes:

  • Free access to internet. There are also two computer available for traveller withou laptop
  • Free breakfast
  • They do have water boiler and microwave oven
  • Laundry will cost you less then $5 Singapore dollar
  • Also they have TV channel and some dvds if you are bored

If you are planning to extend your stay in the hostel then make sure to book in advance through the hostel booking web site else you might find that there is no room available later. It’s quite funny but sometimes they prefer the online booking.

The attendant at the hostel is also a nice guy who can speak good english. Dont’ mix the name of the hostel with the Sentosa Island.

I will highly recommend this hostel to the traveller as it is nice and same time cheap as well.

The hostel do have a web site: http://sentosaview.com

Map of the hostel

Spots near to the Hostel

Vivocity – Singapore’s Largest Shopping Centre- http://www.vivocity.com.sg
5 minutes bus ride to Vivocity Singapore from downstairs bus stop

Sentosa Island – Singapore’s Island Resort- http://www.sentosa.com.sg
5 minutes Train Ride from Vivocity ( buy tickets from top floor of Vivocity and take a train to Sentosa Island

St James Power Station – Singapore’s Top rated Hotspot – http://www.stjamespowerstation.com
3 Sentosa Gateway, 5 minutes bus/taxi ride from downstairs nearby bus stop

Mount Faber – Take a Cable Car and have a spectacular view of Singapore – http://www.mountfaber.com.sg
2 minutes walk from Vivocity ( buy tickets and take a cable car ride to Mount Faber from Harbourfront Tower 2 )

Boat Quay – Most visited Night Spot in Singapore- http://www.visitsingapore.com/publish/stbportal/en/home/what_to_see/singapore_river/boat_quay.html
5 minutes Train Ride from Tanjong Pagar MRT station near us ( 1 stop to Raffles Place MRT Station )

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay-one of the world’s busiest arts centres- http://www.esplanade.com
7 minutes bus/taxi ride from downstairs nearby bus stop

Merlion Park- where Singapore’s Mythical Creature lives- http://www.visitsingapore.com/publish/stbportal/en/home/what_to_see/landmarks_and_memorials/merlion_park.html
7 minutes bus/taxi ride from downstairs nearby bus stop

Singapore Flyer- http://www.singaporeflyer.com/
15/10 minutes bus/taxi ride from downstairs nearby bus stop

Contact Information for the Sentosa View Hostel

Email: book@sentosaview.com
Mobile:   (65)91009123  
Land Phone:   (65)65198481  
Current Address: 105 Spottiswoode Park Road #23-130B
Website: http://www.sentosaview.com


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