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Moving around in Singapore is quite easy. An economical way is to travel by MRT or Bus. Off course you can hire taxi as well but you will often pay a lot of surcharges which will include peak time traveling, ERP etc. There are so many ERP gates in Singapore.

Traveling by MRT

There are three major MRT lines in Singapore.

1. North-South Line (NS, Red line, End Stations: Jurong East, Marina Bay)

2. East-West Line (EW, Green line, End Station: Paris Ris, Boon Lay)

3. North-East Line (NE, Purple line, End Station: Harbour Front, Punggol)

Traveling by MRT is quite easy and convenient.

If you are a tourist and just move around for a day, you can buy Singapore $ 10 card from MRT station. This card will entitle you for the unlimited ride for the same day.

If you want to stay longer in Singapore, you can buy ezlink card. You can use ezlink card to pay on MRT and Bus. You can purchase ezlink card on MRT station, Seven Eleven or any nearest shop. Just ask for the ezlink card. It will cost you Singapore $ 15 and it comes with Singapore $ 7 balance. You will need this card to enter through the gate when you are inside any MRT station. After that you can move to the platform where you can get into the MRT. You can follow the sign boards and the direction maps along with the platform. You can also load the card from the station or Seven Eleven. Try to load the card on weekdays to avoid long queues on the weekend.

You can also switch to different lines at designated stations. For example if you are traveling from Queenstown station (Green Line) and you want to go to Orchard (Green line), you can change the line at the City Hall station and get into the Red Line which will take you to the Orchard MRT.

You will also find most of the shopping centers and tourist places nearby MRT stations. For example:

Vivo city and sentosa island are near Harbour Front MRT (Purple Line)

Holland village is near Buona Vista MRT (Green Line)

Boutinica Garden, Lucky Plaza and Tangs are near Orchard MRT (Red Line)

Bugis street is near Bugis Station (Green Line)

The MRT works till 12 am.

For more information:

Singapore MRT Map

Train Timings

Fair Calculation

Traveling by Bus

Traveling by BUS (SMRT) is another convinent and affordable way to move around. I personaly use gothere.sg web site to find th direction and it provides me with the following useful information:

The location where I can take the Bus
The Bus number
Total duration from source to destination

I simply provide source and destination information and the web site will calculate the rest. I also used to access the site from mobile when I am out.

You can use the same ezlink card while you are traveling by Bus. Aside from ezlink card you can use coins as well. Remember that you can not use notes on the Bus.

Also I used to combine Bus and MRT sometimes and found it quite useful.

Traveling by Taxi

Well, I personaly found that traveling by taxi is not useful if you are within the city area. MRT is quite fast and accessible. There are couple of taxi services available in Singapore. Traveling by taxi will end up in a fair which will contain a lot of surchages (peak time charges, ERP charges etc). You can also book the taxi but again it will cost you some extra $$.

Below are the taxi services and thier booking numbers;

Comfort & Yellow Top Cab (6552 1111)
City Cab (6552 2222)
Prime (6778 0808)
Silver Cab (6363 6888)
Smart Cab (6485 7777)
SMRT Taxis (6555 8888)
Trans Cab (6555 3333)

Aside from paying by Cash, you can also use your credit card to pay the taxi fair but they will charge you some extra $$.


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