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When I first visit the site, I liked it. I also showed the site to couple of friends and they liked it as well. Viewzi: http://www.viewzi.com

It’s not actually a search engine. They use search results from different sources and present the results in different views. It’s very simple!

  1. Search for keyword
  2. Select the view
  3. See the results

In contrast to Google & Yahoo, this site will display the results in multiple formats. At the moment there are 18 different views. Few of them are:

Celebrity Photo View
Web Screenshot View (Good for web designer & graphic designer)
Simple text view (same as Google/Yahoo but with site snap on mouse over)
Power Grid View
Google timeline view (the date/time the article/site was published/modified)
Video x3 view (videos from YouTube, blinkx and Veoh along with tagging)
Site information view (Good for search engine optimization & statistics)
Photo tag cloud (one of my favorite: tag cloud in 3D environment)
Photo view (photos from Flickr, Smugmug)
4 Sources views (Yahoo, Google, Ask, MSN)
Viewzi news view (News sources: CNN, The New York Times, REUTERS, USA Today, Yahoo)
Weather view (Results from: Yahoo News, weather.com, AccuWeather.com, Sunlight Labs)
Amazon book view
Everyday shopping view (Results from: eBay, Target, amazon.com, WalMart)
Album view
Recipe view (Results from: Simple Recipes, 101 Cookbooks, myrecepies, Epicurious)
Song view (You can listen to the audio/songs as well)
TechChrunch view

The web site use Flash so make sure you have Flash installed on your machine.

I believe this is another revolution as the future of the web will be all about views and how you present the information.


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